Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So it's snowing again. And according to everyone, this is supposed to be the worst snow storm in Denmark in a really long time. Whoo.

Also, here is the mailing address that I'm supposed to have things mailed to me at:

Sarah Bennett
c/o DIS, Danish Institute for Study Abroad
Vestergade 7
DK-1456 Copenhagen K

I got a letter yesterday from my awesome Dad!! :) It was a nice ending to a very very long day. I had class at 8:30, and then I had to stay extra late to watch a movie for Human Trafficking in Europe, which was super depressing and didn't end until after 8. They are doing construction on my train line, so I had to take 3 different trains to get back to my room. I didn't get back til about 10.

I'm almost done watching the 2nd season of Damages! This season was so intense!!

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