Friday, January 15, 2010

CORRECTION: I have a different address than the one above. But I'm not quite sure what it is yet. Do not despair!! I will get it on here soon.

Well, I thought I was awesome enough to pack all of my belongings into 1 suitcase. WELL I AM. But British Airways has decided that their lovely baggage workers can't lift more than 70 pounds. So to avoid having my luggage shipped as freight, I am adding an extra bag. Oh, and did I mention that my program suggests that I bring a small carry-on suitcase for the study tours? Yeah, that brings my total bag number to 3. I guess I'm that girl. Oh well. At least I'll be warm.

Today I depart from this fine country for jolly old England for a day. I plan on enjoying some delicious fish & chips and maybe some hot tea? Too bad there are no IHOPs abroad. (Haha inside joke.) Well I should get back to it.

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    I am doubly laughing at the image of you going to IHOP in London with your three bags of luggage. Well, I guess it is the International House of Pancakes, is it not?